Bronze Tier Sponsorship

Bronze Tier Sponsorship

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TrophyCoffee is proud to present our Bronze Tier for Sponsorship, which offers a variety of benefits.

Sign up for our Bronze Tier Sponsorship for only $50 and bring home 1 bag of TrophyCoffee and 1 signature TrophyCoffee Mug.

Additional Takeaways:

  • Guaranteed one (1) mention of family name or company name/logo on TrophyCoffee and TNL Twitter for initial recognition and “thank you” for donation.
  • TrophyCoffee and TNL have a growing Twitter and Twitch following. Visit us at Twitter: @trophycoffeeup and @TNLGaming5 Twitch: TrophyCoffee and TNL.
  • Featured on TrophyCoffee’s Tournament Sponsor Page. Visit us at (Optional link to sponsor’s website).
  • Included on the digital tournament poster and social media marketing image is the family name or company name/logo, which is included on the digital tournament poster and social media marketing image.

Note: Sponsorship levels will be indicated by logo size and positioning on the poster.

(Lowest level sponsors will have the smallest logo size, and they will be placed towards the bottom rows of the poster.)

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